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Beyond Digital Health

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Bridge the Gap

The HealthCentric.AI solution bridges the gap between patients willing to manage and reverse their chronic diseases and practitioners by giving them more adapted tools to manage and optimize their health.

Patient Features

Your patients will have access to all of the features, making your relationship with them stronger and more trustworthy.

Disease Management Programs

AI-powered and task-oriented patient dashboard that allows your patients to follow your treatment with convenience.

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Lifestyle Management Chat 24/7

Communicate with your patients in real-time via chat. Your patients will have access to a team of trained healthcare professionals.

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Secure Health

Ensure trust in your patients by providing them with daily health challenges and tasks. Get notified when the task is complete and provide aid. 

A collaborative augmented lifestyle

Enhance your patient relationships by providing a more personalized healthcare plan with the use of our AI powered platform.

Image by Helena Lopes